Monday, April 2, 2012

Flora-Yazoo City

Yazoo City's colorful downtown

Some Yazoo City  Living Color

Kimberly Moorehead, owner of Hollywood's restaurant, Yazoo City
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.
                                              John 14:27

I had a slow week with some good weather moving north of Jackson. Flora was my first major stop. There I had the opportunity to visit Mississippi's Petrified Forest on the southwest side of town. This wood is different from Arizona's Petrified Forest. Many of the specimens here are of a softer palm wood that was transported to this region after the Ice Age. When the Glaciers that formed the Great Lakes melted, this fossilized wood was washed into this Delta area by the flooding Mississippi River. Some of the wood specimens are warm weather woods, this translates to a realization that the northerly area from where it came was once a tropical environment. Hats off to Errol Dillon (Master of Photography) for hosting me on his property.

25 miiles up Highway 49 is Yazoo City.To get to downtown from the 49 there is a major hill to descend, downtown is about 2 miles off the big road. If you want the best home cooked lunch in Yazoo City, you need to check out Thomas Johnson's Yazoo Tomato. His quaint store with deli style lunches is about .3 miles off HWY 49 going into town on the right hand side. I also enjoyed some fried Okra at Hollywood's in downtown.
There has been an effort to revitalize downtown Yazoo City with jazz music piped in on city street loudspeakers appropriately placed. Additionally, many businesses have fresh vibrant paint schemes to embellish the ambiance.


  1. Glad to see you are still on your trip, keep on blogging, I enjoy reading about your adventure.

  2. I was so happy to have you at my house. You are a jewel! I think the world of you. You taught me so much. Have a safe journey. Your heart is like the waves of one ocean.